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launch meeting of marketing work of the company in 2020
news | 2021-03-01 | views: 67

on november 7, the operation and production meeting of the third quarter of 2020 was held. senior and middle-level cadres, branch managers and all project managers attended the meeting. the meeting summarized the marketing, project implementation and functional management of the third quarter, and arranged the main work in the fourth quarter and before the year.

affected by the epidemic situation and changes in the market environment, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. on the basis of the report from the marketing center and the cost center, in the face of fierce competition in the market, general manager yang dongqiang summarized and put forward three requirements: first, the market is the foundation of the survival of the enterprise, we should not only give full play to the leading role of marketing development department and marketing center, but also promote and implement all staff marketing. second, the operation of the marketing system needs to be improved, and the potential of actively exploring the market needs to be developed; at the same time, we should speed up the marketing layout and orderly promote the establishment of regional offices. third, do a good job in every project to boost the marketing work. a total of 11 project departments focus on the project production, and report and communicate from the third quarter of the project production work summary, the fourth quarter and the year before the year's work plan and the main problems.

the managers of each department summarize the work of the department from the perspective of functional management, report the situation of functional management, arrange the main work in the fourth quarter and before the year, and analyze and publicize the existing problems.

in addition, in order to standardize the preparation of the project schedule and implement the control of the project schedule, the deputy general manager of production, caigen, focuses on the use process and rules of the "project material and labor layout plan", clarifies and refines the time nodes of material and labor application plan, application form review, bidding and signing, production preparation and logistics, so as to improve the accuracy of the schedule accuracy and rationality. at the same time, introduce the project performance reward distribution, standardize the management of project performance distribution, and ensure timely incentive and fair distribution. the meeting also announced the management assessment coefficient of each project in 2019. the leader in charge comments on the work of each department and provides improvement and improvement requirements for existing problems. finally, general manager yang dongqiang summarizes and puts forward relevant requirements.

as 2020 is coming to an end, the meeting requires all departments to correctly understand the spirit of the meeting, fully convey and implement the meeting contents, have a sense of urgency and crisis awareness, find gaps according to the standards and requirements, standardize the work process, grasp the implementation of post responsibilities, realize the integrated development of functional management and project management, and ensure the successful completion of the annual work.


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