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our company won the honorary title of excellent subcontractor
news | 2021-02-26 | views: 87

on october 15, as one of the major investment projects in wuxi, haichen semiconductor's new 8-inch non storage wafer workshop project was completed and handed over. liu xichen, general manager of haichen semiconductor (wuxi) co., ltd., ji chao, senior vice president of 11th science and technology co., ltd. and chairman of east china branch, and wei caigen, deputy general manager and project manager of the company, attended the completion and handover ceremony of the project. the ceremony was presided over by zhang ping, executive director and project manager of the east china branch of 11 science and technology.

at the completion handover ceremony, sk hynix and 11 science and technology co., ltd. jointly commended the outstanding subcontractors. liu xichen, general manager of haichen semiconductor (wuxi) co., ltd., presented the medal of "excellent subcontractor" to our company, and vice general manager wei caigen accepted the medal on behalf of the company.

as a participating unit, our company has undertaken two bid sections of fab electrical engineering and pkg5 wwts project. the smooth construction and delivery of the project is another typical representative project of our company in the field of clean electronics. this project is the result of the project management team working together to overcome difficulties. it fully demonstrates the company's ability to steadily improve in construction technology, construction management and service level. it is a construction enterprise that has the courage to take responsibility and perform its duties in good faith.

the soul of quality lies in ingenuity. we will take this honor as a new starting point, continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, heart, win-win", pay attention to the enterprise connotation construction, constantly improve the project construction ability and management level, and build each project into a reliable project and quality project with unique xinda characteristics, so as to create more value for customers!


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